Who We Are

Tolerant Acts of Peace and Service (T.A.P.S.), is a program that is designed to reach students and all levels of business personnel from the inside out. It addresses where our feelings are coming from, why we are intolerant, who we are, and what we can do to change. Then, it challenges each person, allowing for an increase in self-awareness, thereby leading to an improvement in learning, work production, and social behaviors.

TAPS revitalizes the life direction, respect, purpose, and meaning by moving away from violence bullying, and victimization, by teaching Tolerant Acts of Peace and Service through introspection, self-awareness and empowerment, knowledge, and goal setting.

The program allows people to make educated choices by having a mindset healthy enough to not have a need to act out in negative ways towards others, and instead growing in the ability to be self-sufficient, with character, creating a positive and non-discriminatory work, school, and home environment, looking at their own personal wealth of talents and resources, and then able to look at the world around them and experiencing the immense joy comes from serving and helping others.

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