T.A.P.S. Presents at EYM Seminar

The EYM (Educating Young Minds) seminar was an educational event held June 18, 2011 at West Los Angeles College geared to introducing youth to the many different occupational fields available. The help and kindness we received from the volunteers was amazing! There were not as many in attendance as hoped, but the students who came were eager and ambitious. The interaction during the seminar was very active as many students had answers and opinions on the information covered.
On the feedback form many students wrote that they hoped TAPS would come to their school. Of the students who chose to write their school name, the schools included Crenshaw High School, Connection Academy, Dodson Magnet School, and Orthopedic Medical Magnet School. Other students in this group are home schooled.
Some of the students felt the best part of the seminar was learning about bullying, the workbooks, learning about the affects of drugs and alcohol, audience participation, to drive your own life, that they had a chance to ask questions, making better choices, media influence, and the content.
Thank you to all who assisted and all who participated in this worthwhile event!

Taking Care of Mom

April, Moorpark, Ca.
Well, I’m taking care of my Mom who is sick by helping around the house and giving her hugs. I make sure she’s okay and see if she needs cough medicine or a blanket. She has a really bad cold. I’m praying the Lord will heal and help her.
Doing this is making our family closer and makes me feel good that we can rely on each other through sickness. I feel important.
The next thing I am going to do is make her soup for when she wakes up from her nap.

Service to Others

True joy happens when you serve others. The look on someone’s face as they describe the joy received from helping someone else is something everyone should experience. Their faces shine and glow as they tell of the experience and adventure of serving. If you haven’t done it, ask someone, or better yet, try it yourself! It is amazing!

Teaching Tolerance

We all come from different circumstances and backgrounds. Does it really matter? Can you change your age or your race? Then why do we continue to judge and rate people on things none of us have control over? Because we fear what we do not understand and/or we believe or follow what we have been taught or heard. None of us wants to be judged that way, and the ignorance should not be passed on. Let’s find a better way.